This page has been created out of love for Deborah D. Keele
September 2, 1956 - August 15, 2003.

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The poem below was written for Deb as a wedding present in June 1992.
She heard it for the first time when I read it to her at our reception.
The last stanza was added Apr 18, 2003.

How can I?
by Michael J Keele

You're the writer, the poet,
words and phrases at your command.
How can I find the right words
to ask for your hand?

You have the fire of the Sun
and the silent peace of the Moon.
How can I find the right notes
to even play you a tune?

You say I fill your life
and overflow your heart.
How can I assure you
this isn't just a start?

You've seen my weaknesses,
and all my insecurities.
How can I say how much
you've helped me overcome these?

You find in me strength, courage
and whatever else you see.
How can I explain
you've brought these out in me?

You possess a special beauty
beyond what the eye can see.
How can I not realize
you see the same in me?

You have a glow about you
that brightens every day.
How can I use words to express
what words simply cannot say?

You may be crying by now
I'm certain that I will be.
How can I help but cry
with these feelings you bring out in me?

With all these things
and all that you do,
How can I not have
fallen in love with you?

We've been together for thirteen years
They've been full of joy and love.
How can I accept that
Thirteen has to be enough?