For those who would like to know a little more about Deborah

Deb was born in Pennsylvania and moved to west Denver where she grew up.
In elementary school, she earned a Presidential Fitness Award.
She attended West High School where she was active in athletics, especially running and gymnastics.
Her first job was as a Nurse's Aide in a long term care facility in Commerce City, CO
In 1976, she moved to Minneapolis
Deb worked as a model for John Roberts Powers modeling agency
She later earned her LPN degree and went to work in a variety of disciplines including Oncology, hospice, Geriatrics and Trauma.
She has raised three wonderful sons and two great daughters.
She moved 'home' to Denver in 1989.
Her creative interests include writing, drawing/painting, crochet and sculpting modeling clay. Some samples can be seen on the writings and crafts pages.
Deb has a wide variety of interests such as reading, listening to music and spending time in the mountains.
Her reading taste spans Sci-fi, fantasy, romance and anything by Stephen King.
For musical pleasure, she enjoys Cher and Barbra Streisand among many others.
Turn-ons include... No wait, that's a different page.
If you see Deb without a coffee cup in her hand, it's time to help her find where she left it.
She loves frogs (real and otherwise), snakes, cats, birds, OK - all animals except grasshoppers.
Deb has a wonderful sense of color and design - being able to picture a combination before putting it together, whether it's for a doll dress or to redecorate her kitchen.