Dream Man
by Deborah Keele
For Michael
One bright summer morn
I met a man.
He called my name.
His simple good morning
gave me no warning,
To the burning need in his eyes.
Crying so loud.
Sing me a lovers song.
Come on baby set me free.
Let me see what it is to be me.
Shield me in your love.
Hold me in your arms.
Here is my life to charm.

I wandered away,
going on with my day.
Sure I'd imagined the promises
I'd seen.
Oh no, lady, I told me.
You've been here before.
You don't need anymore.
This heart so tattered and torn.

Yet, in my night an old dream reborn.
A girlhood fantasy,
Of knights and heroes
float apon my silver mirror.
There frozen in its imaginary image
I built a man for me.
He didn't need brawn and muscle
for his might,
Just the strength to be a kind man.
With love in the touch of his hand.
Respect in the tone of words.
Truth in his actions.

So in the new morn.
I dusted off the image.
Brushed away the sorrow,
and turned to watch.
He came.
Through the long summer morns
into fall's breathtaking beauty.
He quietly, calmly approached.
As if to tame a wild creature.
He wove a web,
silken strands filled with,
Quiet talks, long walks.
Outrageous teasing.
Hours of laughter,
Oh, the wonderful laughter.
The fire in his kiss.
How could I resist,
this girlhood hero standing
bright before me?

Gentle man who dances in my dreams.
I wonder if you know how much it means,
this dance you play.
Let me take your hand.
I'll show you a life bond
melded in firelight, before the Old Ones.
With rushing water across the stones as music.
The wind the whispering words of love,
and the passion light shining in my eyes.
The desire of your soul.
I'll be forever yours to hold.

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