The Blues Today
by Deborah Keele
Lovely Lady gone away.
Singing the blues today.
Staring at the ceiling; Counting stars.
Time on my hands.
Accursed empty arms.

In the night I dream she is mine.
For awhile I hold her close,
and we dance a lovers rhyme.
With her I could claim the world.
the dawn shows me a empty boast.

Just yesterday I told her of Love.
Whispering belong to me.
A mysterious pain flashed in eyes so green.
No, she said, I belong to myself.
Don't think to put me on your shelf.

Toast a foolish man,
wrong choice of words.
Where is a logical plan?
Maybe if I knew the rules, I'd win.
I ask the dog how do we get her to begin,
this lady of fire who so sparks my desire.

Come dog we will go for a lonely walk.
Lovely Lady gone away today,
a visit to the past she must pay.
No talk.
Staring at the sky; Counting clouds.
Silence so loud.
Wishing for her smile that so charms.
Accursed empty arms.

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