Return pickup to nearly stock condition including:
Repair/rebuild engine
Repair body
Redo upholstery

DRUID Purchases:
Date: Vendor: Purchase:
June 10, 2000 Checker Auto Battery, Plugs, Points, Rotor, Condensor, Distributor Cap, 10w30 Oil, Oil Filter
June 20, 2000 Brothers King Pin Set
July 3, 2000 Mile High Classic Tail light lens
September 3, 2000 Checker Auto Fan belt
December 26, 2000 Kanter Auto Brake rebuild kit
March 3, 2001 Speedway Auto Wrecking Used spindle caps - chrome (2 for $3.00)

Note: Listing of a vendor is not to be taken as a recommendation for that vendor, only a statement that I purchased from that vendor.
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DRUID Work Performed:
Date: Work Performed: Comments:
June 10, 2000 Installed tuneup items, change oil Started with no problems
July 24, 2000 Install King Pin set Learned about 'floating' style kingpins
February 11, 2001 Finish rebuilding Brake system Taking my time with this. Between cold weather and paying close attention to doing it right.
My first wheel & master cylinder rebuild. Lots of testing before hitting the road with her.
March 3, 2001 Install spindle caps Pay attention!!
Neglected to tap spindle dust caps on and lost them. Had to purchase some from a scrapyard for now.